Waist-To-Hip Ratio Calculator

Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is the ratio of your waist circumference to your hip circumference. WHR is a measurement tool that looks at the proportion of fat stored on your waist, hips and buttocks. Weight concentrated around the middle is often referred to as an “apple” shape; whereas, weight concentrated around your hips is referred to as a “pear” shape.

People with more abdominal fat tend to be at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes than those who carry weight around the hips and thighs. Disproportionate abdominal fat may be considered an indicator of health risks.

As a general guidline, waist circumference measurement of over 35 inches in women and over 40 inches in men may increase risk because of the fat distribution. However, talk with your healthcare provider about any concerns you might have about your weight and overall health.

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Your Waist Hip Ratio is:  

Your Waist-Hip Ratio is higher than 0.8, you are an "apple shape", that is fat is mainly stored in the upper part of your body. You have excess visceral fat, and, unfortunately, this fat is particularly harmful to your health. Having too much2 visceral fat is associated with increased risk of developing diabetes, high-blood pressure and heart disease.



Your Waist Hip Ratio is:  

This is less than 1.0. You are a "pear shape". Fat stored around thighs and hips is mostly subcutaneous. Pear-shaped people are less at risk of heart problems than those who are apple-shaped.